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About Us

At Cosmetology & Spa Academy, we aim to provide you with the highest-quality beauty training possible

Why Choose Cosmetology & Spa Academy?

The Cosmetology & Spa Academy is more than just a school. It’s where you come to build a career, whether it’s your first, second or third career. It’s where you come to build lasting relationships with your peers and instructors. It’s where you come to grow into an industry leader. You get more than an education here. You get life and professional skills. You get a sense of belonging.

Everything about our programs is designed to support you in your learning journey and then in your career afterwards. With more than 30 years in the industry and an attentive ear to our students, we continually strive to give our students the best instruction, the best tools, and the best experience.

It’s Easy to Fall in Love with Cosmetology & Spa’s Culture

At Cosmetology & Spa Academy, you’ll find a culture of excellence, inclusiveness, and fun. Our craft, our clients’ needs, and your career are our priorities. That’s why our entire program, from the moment you take a tour of our facilities to the moment you find work placement, is designed to equip you with only the best tools to help you succeed.

The atmosphere here is incredibly supportive. From the students to the instructors to the administrative staff, you’ll be amazed at how friendly everyone is and how well you belong here. And with our many events, you’ll find it amazingly easy to have fun with others or with your creativity!

Ned: A Beauty Industry Veteran

Ned Halimi has been the owner of Cosmetology and Spa Academy since 1980. He had his own salon before he opened the school called, “Mesuesi”, and was awarded the “Best Salon of the Year” award in Northern Illinois.

His background includes tremendous International Experience. From 1984 to 1987, he was a member of the International Congress of Colorists.

His impressive history of training exemplifies his commitment to keeping up to date with the latest trends.

We are the Oldest Beauty School in McHenry County

We can share success stories from our graduates as late as 1980. The Cosmetology & Spa Academy has been teaching the most successful techniques in the industry that always will prepare you for success in real life. Our curriculum is designed and continues to improve based on the advice of successful veterans in the industry – mostly salon owners who are eager to hire our students.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Our students receive everything they need to succeed, including a supportive environment and sophisticated training. Below are some of the many reasons to choose Cosmetology & Spa Academy.

Get The Attention You Deserve With Small Class Sizes

With our small classes, you get to build sincere relationships with your teachers. That’s a great thing for two reasons. First, you get all the guidance and support you need. Secondly, they have exceptional life experiences to share and learn from.

You’ll Get Practical Experience

If you want to learn from textbooks, this is not the program for you. Over 90% of our curriculum is hands-on experience. Plus, we offer internships that offer practical, in-salon experience before you’ve even completed the program.

Internship Program available for those who qualify

Our students have the opportunity to intern at a desired salon and get credit hours for up to 10% of your program. Our students love this because they get real salon experience when they are still students. 99% of our intern students get hired at salons when they first intern.

Staff with Practical Experience

Our instructors have worked in some of the nation’s finest beauty salons, won prestigious awards, worked on impressive photoshoots, and many other experiences you can learn from.

Advanced and Up-To-Date Equipment

When you’re ready to start your career, you’ll be up on the latest beauty practices, making you very marketable. Not only are our graduates very desirable on the job market, we offer many services to our graduates to help make the transition to the working world smooth. We also offer resume-building assistance, an active job board, continuing education classes, letters of recommendation, and job fairs, to name just a few.

All the Business Skills You Need to Be a Success

We don’t just teach you cosmetology or esthetics. When you come here, you get a comprehensive education, including how to financially manage your business, how to be an effective salesperson, and how to build client relationships, among many other things.

Family Owned, and You Become Part of the Family

One of the things our students comment on the most about Cosmetology & Spa Academy is the sense of community and belonging they experience. You’ll feel like family when you come here, in the best of ways!

Special Events

One of the things that foster the sense of community and belonging at our school is the number of special events you can attend. Great events like CS-Academy Pegens, Miss and Mister CS-Academy, Veterans Day event, Mom & Me Spa Day, Lady in Red, Wild Nature and Summer Camps are a few events at CS-Academy our students participate in. You’ll never be bored while you’re here.

Student Ambassador Program

Your voice matters to us! The Student Ambassador Program is designed to give students the opportunity to connect with the academy, the student body, and the outside community. This role allows you to participate in Board of Committee meetings and weekly staff member meetings, where you can bring the voice of the students. Your goal is to promote the image of the school and stimulate the interest and participation of all students at the Cosmetology and Spa Academy.


We make your on-campus experience easy for you with FREE parking, student lounges with dispensaries, and student lockers, to name just a very few of our on-campus perks.

Beauty Show – Competitions

Beauty show competitions are in demand from our students. This is where you get to show off your creativity!

Is a Rewarding and Creative Beauty Career Right For You? Get More Info…

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