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Here’s What Our Graduates Have to Say

“First, I chose Cosmetology & Spa Academy because of the convenient location, but after I met the staff and students, I couldn’t picture myself ANYWHERE else. I absolutely love everything about the school. The challenges every day. The other students and faculty at the school. I feel so grateful every day that I get to come to a school where I feel respected, useful and helpful.”

Christmas Krug – Cosmetology Program Alum

“I chose Cosmetology & Spa Academy because I liked the way the program was laid out. They used the latest Sassoon techniques. The facility looked brand new and was kept meticulously. I loved the teachers. I was taught by Ms. Dar and Ms. Dita. I felt they were dedicated to getting the best out of all of us, and I liked that they were up to date with the industry.”

Kim Shriver – Cosmetology Program Alum

“During my internship, I got to go between the salon and the classroom so it made things fun and interesting. I got to pretty much choose wherever I wanted to go and got accepted right away. They taught me so many things most people in beauty school don’t learn and i was so excited to show others what I learned. I’d 100% recommend the Cosmetology & Spa Academy, because you learn everything needed to succeed here.”

Brianna O’Brill – Cosmetology Program Alum

“The teachers here are perfectionists, which you absolutely have to be in this industry. It’s great, because they always have pointers to increase our efficiency and up our skill level. The internship program is a great tool here also, because lots of these internships turn into full time jobs after we graduate and provide much needed real world experience when dealing with clients.”

Vince Ramos – Barber Program Alum

“I chose Cosmetology & Spa Academy because I felt so comfortable there. I also knew I would get the best education possible. One of my favorite things about Cosmetology & Spa Academy were all the extra events that we were part of. I also liked the fact that all the educators were always there, and accessible to the students. I absolutely love doing hair, it is my passion. I love giving people makeovers and making them feel good about themselves. I hope to build a large clientele and rent a booth someday. If you have the same passions and ambitions, you’ll fit right in at the Cosmetology & Spa Academy.”

Rachel Piquette – Cosmetology and Esthetics Program Alum

“I just completed my hours for the esthetics programs and I had a great time at school. Ms. Dita is the best teacher I have ever had! She is so knowledgeable and loves her students. The girls and staff there became family, made a lot of friends. I left with a great education, feeling ready to take my boards. I have a wonderful resume completed and have multiple job offers lined up. I look forward to what the future holds. P.S. Free Practice on each other during the program was a great perk!”

Sara Claver – Cosmetology and Esthetics Program Alum